Friday, May 24, 2019

No Guns †fewer Shootings Essay

Allowing natural gass on campus would be a dreadful idea, it would increase more violent acts as well as putting staff and students at find of being injured or even result in death. Not only this merely students, as well as everyone on campus, would feel exceedingly unsafe. By allowing guns on campuses we would we be supporting violence, as well as giving shooters a higher opportunity to commit a criminal offence. This would leave the victims naked and at risk of being murdered, raped, kidnapped, or be brook in each different method. Not only this but anyone who is non mentally stalls mickle misuse a gun and this mess even lead to a suicide. Guns on college campuses ought to be banned because they go forth simply increase the conundrum with regards to barbs, unnecessary deaths and increase crime rates.We all have to keep in mind that colleges already have a high-risk factor for drugs, alcohol, and stress in academics. Including machines would cause a bigger problem o n a college campus and put everyone in danger. This can result in the misuse of the weapon and fire a gun by solidus or simply shoot or soone because you truly dislike a person. Many adolescents give commit a crime and sometimes dont think of the consequences that atomic number 18 going to come with their actions. Jade Reindl and Jean Cocco mention in their CNN piece, Say no to guns on college campuses explains how if a gun is present at the moment of a sexual assault or any form of assault it is more likely that the person will die. This is suggesting that if a gun is in existence at the moment of a crime there is a higher risk of a fatal accident happening. We understand that some students might feel safer cogniseing they have a way of protection, but how will this make other students on campus feel? They will feel unsafe in an environment that is supposed to be safe for all students. Also, knowing that someone is carrying a gun will make a student feel like they need to be c areful around them. As a community, we also have to take in consideration that some people are not mentally stable whether they are depressed or suffer from anxiety and will most likely misuse the weapon. This can result in a person committing suicide or attempting for their life. Furthermore, having guns on campus will not solve any problems, if anything it will create more.On the contrary, proponents of guns at heart campus advocate that they will be more safe and protected if they were able to carry a concealed handgun in a college campus to protect themselves in case of a shooting, or even from a sexual assault. Also, those citizens who are responsible enough should have the opportunity to protect themselves against a shooter. By allowing the students as well as staff, to carry a gun there wont be as many victims whereas if they didnt have any weapon to defend themselves there would be a higher chance of being the victim. Neal Hutchens in his GOOD EDUCATION piece 11 States All ow Students To Carry Guns On College Campuses. More could be Next he mentions that allowing students and faculty to carry a gun with them will decrease the number of shootings as well as lessen the number of deaths. Also, it has been said that there is a higher possibility of a shooting happening somewhere else sort of than a college campus so why not allow people to carry a gun. Subsequently allowing guns on campus can help people defend someone who is at risk of being hurt resulting in saving lives. Not only this but supporters believe that a gun in a classroom would not affect anyones attainment or concentration in class. Not only this but students believe that they should have the right to protect themselves with a weapon in case it is necessary. In addition, supporters of concealed guns will advocate for guns since they think it is the best way to protect themselves and knowing that at least they have a gun to protect themselves from any potential threat. Lastly, they believe that allowing guns on campus should be a right given to everyone for the safety of everyone that can help reduce many deaths.Despite the fact that allowing guns on campus would be a terrible decision made by the voters who agree with guns on campus we would simply be encouraging mass shooting and many other horrific incidents. An example of a horrific accident that happened is the mass shooting at Virginia Tech University in 2007. This left many families devastated due to the loss of a loved one. Although proponents of guns believe that a gun in a classroom would not distract anyone, in reality, it would because if any classmate knew that someone had a gun on them they would feel tense and nervous all the time. Even if a person had a gun on them to protect themselves they might not know how to use it adequately and cause more problems. Concealed guns overall are hardly ever used in the appropriate form and that is why we forever and a day are having horrific scenes of violence, an d mass shooting which just simply terrorize our community. People simply misuse a gun often either because they are angry or maybe even feel sad or depressed. When affecting our whole community, the children are growing up afraid and scared as well as the parents, knowing that at any moment a bullet can just end someones life in a second. Not just this but even though college students believe that by giving them the opportunity to carry a gun we are treating as the big. The thing about this is that even though we are treating them like the adult by giving them this huge responsibility, there are still some adult who misuse a weapon. Therefore, not giving college students the ability to carry a concealed gun would have more benefits rather than allowing them to carry a gun.In short, not allowing guns on campus would make everyone feel in a safe environment where they dont have to be afraid of the constant shooting happening. Not just this, but they will be able to focus on their stu dies and in class rather than thinking all the time that they can be shot at any moment. Sometimes people think the best way to protect themselves on a college campus is the best way but in reality, it can result in many accidents occurring. Students and staff will ultimately feel safer in a free gun zone rather than a place that is surrounded by a gun every corner you walk around. Carrying a gun is a huge responsibility and not everyone is willing to accept the consequences if they use the weapon inappropriately, so it would just be better to save ourselves that problem and not allow guns on campus.

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