Monday, September 23, 2019

The Design and Implementation of a Networked Technology For Distance Essay

The Design and Implementation of a Networked Technology For Distance Learning - Essay Example The Development of the Web-based communication, as well as the collaboration of other related tools, are considered as the basis for the design and implementation of a ‘Networked Virtual Classrooms’ we have today supports the flexibility in the educational and training systems.3 Over the years, there has been a constant change in the terminology used in describing the Web-based ODL. Sometimes the term ‘Networked Open Learning’ (NOL), Networked Learning (NL) or Electronic Learning (e-learning) can be used interchangeably.4, 5 The Networked Virtual Classroom functions in two ways: as a learning material database and a two-way platform for the mentors and students. According to Turoff (1995), a virtual classroom can be used as a substitute for a classroom-based teaching through the use of an electronic-based environment that incorporates the virtual working spaces with the use of communication features.6 On the other hand, McCormack and Jones (1998) describe a virtual classroom as a Web-based environment that has an organizational, communicational, and evaluation features wherein the mentors and students conducts the learning activities.7 This study will discuss the educational objectives and goals of an open and distance learning; the usual framework of information system used in a networked virtual classroom; who are the target learners as well as their unique characteristics and their role; the special role of the mentors; the activities involved in distance learning; and the materials used in distance learning. Open and Distance Learning (ODL) aims to enable the people to access the educational system by removing all barriers including time, place, and pace.

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