Friday, October 18, 2019

Dow Corning Customer Value and Segmentation Essay

Dow Corning Customer Value and Segmentation - Essay Example The results of such re-evaluation are a new approach to customers and a newly formed customer segmentation. Basically, Dow Corning has classified their customers into three main categories. First, the company has clients who aim to become the first in the market to introduce certain innovative products and services. For instance, when a company wants to introduce a new product into the market, it may require the expertise of Dow Corning so as to hasten the entry of such product into the market. Such customers want specific innovations that will help them produce new products or develop new services. As cited in the case study, one such company was Reliance Industries. Through the services of Dow Corning, the said company was able to bring to the market a new fiber optic cable that that was easier to install and cost significantly less than other available alternatives in the market. The second customer segment of Dow Corning is composed of companies involved in fast-growing markets. Being involved in fast-growing markets, clients such as these require innovative solutions that will improve their own productivity and performance. These clients require Dow Corning's expertise so as to avoid being left behind by their competitors in their rapidly growing and changing industries and sectors.

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