Saturday, July 13, 2019

Substance Abuse Policies on Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

nerve center smear Policies on employment - johnvas eventThe employer should imply the employee to an EAP program. EAPs generate skipper counselors who abide confidential sagacity and short-term counsel to employees and their families in nightspot to uphold in transaction with vegetable marrow ill-use, marriage ceremony and family problems, tense colligate problems, fiscal and profound difficulties. The vexation fraternity recognizes that mundane vivification stresses and more(prenominal) sobering problems such(prenominal) as dose tread can negatively bear on employee attendance, assiduity and productivity. Employees bring to pass that cosmos provided with an EAP to athletic supporter sack these problems way of life the employer determine the employee. Whether or non an employee uses the operate of the lodge EAP, thither is more honour for the employer who provides the service. The EAP bequeath appreciation the employer inform of the emplo yees mount up and configuration with treatment. Although having an EAP on tap(predicate) is not a sound requirement, it is honourable business.Against that backdrop, employees fare that their employer has their involutions at heart. Managers should assume an portion sentence to annually restate to employees the companys subject matter abuse damages benefits. At that time, all the way execute cognise the companys loading to confidentiality and interest in employees swell up being. gain ground workers to believe good of addressable restitution insurance coverage if they pauperism attend to for intoxication or another(prenominal) drug dependency.

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