Monday, June 10, 2019

Analyze papers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analyze composings - Essay ExampleThe colleges argon cheaper and luxuriously school pay an average of $ 2,544 per year. The colleges attain high enrollment despite the harsh economic conditions in the society (Boggs p 3). Thesis American colleges are democratic, diverse and offer equal opportunities in access of quality direction American colleges are democratic since citizens have equal access regardless of age, gender, hie or ethnic background. The education is accessible, quality and ensures a learning lifeline for the rural communities. The community colleges offer critical workforce for the nation since a absolute majority of the first responders including firefighters, police officers and paramedics have post indirect credentials (Boggs p 3). The education provide local economies with required skills such as the Alabama Southern Community College that offers paper technology programs to the pulp industries and Gulf Coast colleges that offer petrochemical technical programs . The colleges are inclusive and diverse in terms of nationality, ethnicity, social economic status and baulk composition of the student people (Boggs 4). All American politicians and educationists agree that education guarantees American competitiveness and productivity (Delbanco p 1). American colleges keep pace with association economy through providing the required skills and expertise in the industries. Although education has existed since Ancient Greece and Rome, American colleges have gone further to formalize the education system by grant of the teaching license and modern colleges with library facilities. American colleges have specialized education and strive to reach many people as viable including women. Inclusion of need-based policies ensures equal access of education among social classes without any regard to social status or birth status of the individual. Interestingly, students from affluent families have chances of gaining entryway to nonprofit colleges and g ain knowledge on American and international cultures (Delbanco 3). Unlike other college systems that aim at attaining higher employment rates like Chinese, American college system aim at enabling the multi-cultural student population to learn from each other. Indeed, a landmark case of Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978) demonstrated that inter-racial student population enables interchange of ideas and interaction of consciences. American colleges have utilized technology to ensure higher access and reduce costs associated with small classes per faculty. The hybrid model stick out for electronic instruction and assessment. However, the standardized testing system of other countries such as China and Belgium is slowly gaining inroads in US decentralized system with the No Child Left behind Program assessment program proposed by President Barrack Obama. The standardized system will undermine liberal education ideologies, but will cater for the cost, use of technol ogy and increase the transition from the school to college. However, some qualities such as creativity, humility and insight in to honourable behaviors are immeasurable using standardized testing. American college system is under revolution due to increase in the use of information technology, globalization, inadequacy of secondary education and high debate on skills needed in the economy. Accordingly, older students are faced with challenges such as family demands,

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