Monday, June 17, 2019

The Leader as Communicator Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Leader as Communicator - Assignment ExampleIntellectuals have pinpointed some core competencies that are essential for the leaders (Leading Concepts, 2012). An effective leader should have an ability to express information or convey his/her message explicitly and appropriately. He/she should understand the significances of good oral communion with colleagues, managers and other executive class office members. A leaders communication style should be efficient enough to grab listeners attention and encourage them to bring through the assigned task effectively (Leading Concepts, 2012). However, it has noticed that mass communication is more effective than the individual communication because in mass communication messages are knowing more strategically that directly hit cognition of large audience and uniform passive perception that help all members to work with unity (Harris, 2009).For exploitation good communication skills it is very important for leaders to develop good liste ning habit at first place. Then develop an ability to shed eye contact during communication process (Barker, 2010). Moreover, it is important to always design messages in mind before triggering them to the audience and most importantly never fling mixed messages. It is because mixed messages can reduce the effectiveness of the communication process and might contribute to weaken the accomplishment of desired aims (Barker,

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