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Critically discussed the ethical, legal, and social issues arising Essay

Critically discussed the honest, legal, and social issues arising from the use of assistef reproductive technologies - Essay Exampleough fat couples can also undergo the processes due to genetic, sex selection or health considerations such as risk of infecting the child with AIDS. Methods used in blind include Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), which involves engaging a males spermatozoon into a womans uterus via a tube. In Vitro Fertilization is another process in ART where sperm and eggs from the couple are taken and incubated to form an embryo with steps such as stimulation of egg maturation, egg recovery, fertilization and embryo get rid of with assistance from a physician. There is also the third party assisted ART such as the use of a sperm donor, egg Donor, surrogates and gestational carriers. Even as these methods have been effective in enabling many couples achieve the dream of being parents, there have been debate over the ethical legal, social and ethical issues surroun ding processes used to achieve this goal. This research paper highlights some of the ethical, legal and social arguments presented in alimentation or opposition to ART.honorable issues in ART surround the practice of implanting multiple embryos at one time to cut on expenses for couples since there is no insurance coverage to support this form of treatment. For the process to be successful at a lower cost even when to a greater extent than one attempt is undertaken couples are encouraged to give many eggs at once and implanting multiple embryos while hoping one among them will be carried to term. Success rate in ART also depends on the years of women involved in the process (see the graph below).Multiple fertilization of these eggs leads to the problem of multiple pregnancies with parents facing the prospect of giving birth to more than one baby. When this happens, couples specially mother and their offspring face increased social, psychological and medical problems. Research has indicated that multiple pregnancies results in a number of health complications especially those related to obstetric complications, prenatal morbidity,

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