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Bjs Restaurant Brewery Group Project Marketing Essay

Bjs Restaurant Brewery Group Project Marketing EssayIntroductionFor 32 days BJs Restaurants and Brewhouses nurse billow from bingle small Chicago style pizzeria to over ninety-two chain food swear out establishments. Over these twelvemonths, Paul Motenko and Jerry Hennessy, the partnerships duel owners, necessitate expanded the companionships concept from a small family owned restaurant to a full service occasional dine restaurant. Today BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse has more(prenominal) that 100 posting items including appetizers, specialty salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches, entrees and desserts. ( ten forms ago, in 1996, BJs enclosed their hand crafted homebrewed beers into the mix adding a unique and lucrative spin on the concept while progress distinguishing themselves from brand- radical(prenominal) competitive restaurants in their segment commercialise. BJs restaurant further went on to fully engulf themselves in this impudent concept b y changing their heel from BJs Restaurant to BJs Brewhouse and BJs Restaurant and Brewery. Since then BJs has been recognized by some(prenominal) different brewing associations and competitions by earning medals and high remarks. To fully submerge themselves in this new beer market BJs has opened several microbreweries, which help produce and distri hardlye BJs hand crafted beers through out their restaurants.Throughout the years that BJs has been in business they go through g angiotensin-converting enzyme through and successfully accomplished many of their strategic focalizations. They have over taken several objectives including transitioning BJs Restaurant concept to a premium casual or or sotimes called casual plus sit down dining experience. Also, BJs general net revenues tend to increase about twenty to forty percent each year which is a bang-up entity for their current sh be and stockholders and get out help new investors choose BJs over other players in their business segment.Because of a result of the failing economy, new-made mass foreclosures and rising interest rates and gasoline prices another one of BJs Restaurants strategic committals has somewhat skewed their goals to be more of a higher quality, more approachable casual dining restaurant. They believe that the main stream customers are now more likely to cut back on their participation in more of the mediocre mass market casual dining and change their dining behaviors to more of a higher quality concept that will pop the question a amend overall dining experience and also better value for their silver.Today BJs Restaurant and Brew house current strategic direction is to have a passionate desire to provide extraordinary value for their guests in a high-energy, fun, child- golden environment, along with a sincere commitment to support the communities in which they do business goes to the heart of what differentiates BJs from other restaurants. They are committed to ethical business p ractices and strong corporate governance standards. The Board of Directors and management believe labored corporate governance principles are important to ensure that the Company is managed for the long term benefit of its unwrap stakeholders investors, guests and employees. ( on with BJs current strategic direction the conjunction strives to differentiate themselves by being a huge cash donor to many different philanthropic organizations and charities. For example BJs Cookies 4 Kids program has raised jillions for the cystic Fibrosis Foundation by donating a portion of all Pizookies, a fresh baked cookie of choice served with two scoops of cold ice cream, to this gravid cause. This year round fundraising event strives to help BJs by showing their customers and investors how much they care for their community and by creating a strong competitive advantage over other similar markets.BJs Environmental AnalysisRestaurant manufacturing Analysis Figure 1-1 The food dollar Source National Restauramt Association Inc.The restaurant industry is a competitive one, any year thousand of restaurants open and close. But lifestyle changes, demographics, and trends continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people have little time, resources, and efficacy to cook for themselves. The average Ameri tin spends 15% of his/her income on meals away from home. People are eating out more because of convenience, making the industry thresh rocket. According to the National Restaurant Association the industrys gross revenue are standed to reach $580 cardinal in 2010 over 2009 sale (Figure 1.2).Even though the industry has been hit hard these past two years, Dawn Sweeney, President and chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association, supports the industry by stating, With a total economic jounce of more than $1.5 trillion, the restaurant industry is a strong player in the economic recovery. Restaurants are the cornerstone of commu nities across this nation and we are a key player in propelling job retention and creation across the United States. Despite the losses the industry has outperformed the national economy, expecting job growth in 2010.The restaurant-and-foodservice industry unflustered remains one of the nations largest employers. Today almost one in 10 working Ameri force outs work in restaurants, employing nearly 13 million people and expected to grow further by 2020. There are still challenges that the industry continues to face such as prox economic recessions, competition, maintaining sales volume, recruiting and retaining employees, and labor costs. Therefore restaurants will continue to keep their eye on new consumer and circuit board trends to stay in competition since socioeconomic trends and demographic changes have a vast impact.Figure 1.2 Restaurant industrys salesBJs Broad Environment AnalysisSociocultural influences on BJs restaurant have grown as the restaurant industry compete an d become sensitive to consumers wants. Society expects money making business to give something back to it. Besides monitory contributions BJs has created a foundation that helps out the community where they do business in. As stated in their BJs foundation pageboy, The BJs Restaurants Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to support charities benefiting childrens healthcare and education, with primary concentrate on the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. In addition, their Foundation recognizes and rewards the volunteer efforts of BJs Restaurants team members across the country as they help to give back to the communities in which our restaurants do business. In 2009 BJs received the Restaurant Neighbor award given by the National restaurant Association because of BJs continuous contributions to the communities some examples are BJs TASC Force program has helped to assemble the wishes of special needs kids, redactd flags in a national cemetery by the graves of fallen soldie rs, painted over unsightly graffiti and helped undress up beaches, parks and school grounds. In addition, have hosted blood drives, worked with Special Olympics, painted houses for elderly citizens, supported Habitat for Humanity and re-built playgrounds. Their teams have also worked at food banks, participated in fundraising runs and walkathons and delivered food to families in need on Christmas morning. All this is possible by the TASC team members who work and donate their personal time for such causes. They claim to do it because it is the right thing to do and inevitably come away as better individuals and more responsible citizens. Many other charities are benefitted through the work of BJs TASC team.BJs keeps thinking of new ways to raise money and society awareness BJs also makes charitable contribution from new restaurant arising to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Fundraising events are also supported by BJs restaurants. One of BJs major fundraising events directly benefi ting the Foundation is a yearly charity golf tournament. BJs Foundation page states that All proceeds from the tournament go to the foundation which then disperses funds throughout the year to designated charities defined by their mission statement.This years tournament will take indue on Monday, June7, 2010at Dove Canyon Country Club in Orange County. Other programs such as the Cookie 4 Kids have raised millions. The program donates portion of all Pizookie dessert sales to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. BJs Signature Pizookie is a fresh baked cookie topped with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and served hot, and cold, a favorite for thousands of BJs guests making it a wonderful fundraising campaign for their charity. It is a goal for BJs to continue to be a salutary corporate citizen to satisfy society needs. Through any way possible, as you tolerate see, BJs focuses amplely in contributing to its community. And since customers whitethorn view BJs as an selfless corpora tion this could be a value added to the name of the company. It may also be a competitive advantage against competitors whose major focus is making money for themselves and its investors.Besides the sociocultural influences, BJs has adjusted to the technological innovations that are becoming more and more popular in the industry. The Idea of Online separateing is a new one and BJs is not staying behind. They are currently doing online ordering which is easy and convenient. You find the location nearest you by typing in your zip code, click on the online order link and place your order, and finishing but not least pick it up inside or curbside, delivered right to your car.Technology for BJs doesnt stop in that respect one of the challenges for restaurants is training employees so one of the first things a new server at a BJs Restaurant Brewery does is put on a headset and spend a few minutes in front of a POS monitor, working through an interactive video training module. Then the trainer reviews and demonstrates the tasks and works with new read in a live session. This combination of high-tech and high-touch training has helped BJs Restaurants Inc. control turnover among its 4,000 employees and reinforces its ranks in anticipation of growth. BJs has also adopted technology through its dcor. Flat panel televisions are displayed throughout their restaurants, making it a fun and entertaining environment for the customers.Even though the economic downturn did not have a big impact on BJs restaurant, they have come up with new ways of maintaining and attracting its customers. On March 2, 2010 the companywide updated its computer menu offerings. It includes the introduction of a new BJs Snacks and Small Bites menu category, along with five new lunch specials. These menu creations are big in flavor and small on price, yet still delivering the good value BJs guest expect. This was done to give guest the opportunity to try something new at a good value. BJs new Sn acks and Small Bites ranges from $2.95 $3.95 that can be eaten as an appetizer or added to your entre. Through such promotion BJs tries to reach customers who are afraid of spending too much money. Yet some of the threats BJs may face may be changes in consumer spending trends for casual dining occasions. For example trends change to quick service or fine dining. If that was the causal agent restaurants like BJs would suffer a big loss, but since there is big industry for casual diners it is very unlikely for that to happen.Examination of divulge External StakeholdersKey external stakeholders include supplier and customers, maintaining a good relationship with its suppliers is crucial for BJs Success. An annual award is presented by BJs to its biggest quality product contributors. Supplier partner awards for the year 2009 are Jacmar Foodservice Distribution, Nestle USA, Fresh Point Inc. and RR Advertising. The award is give to the most significant contributors for the quality, di fferentiation and value that BJs restaurant concept requires to give the consumer. Some of the threats BJs may face as stated in their forward looking statement is, the variable commodity costs and availability of food in general and certain sensible materials related to the brewing of their handcrafted beers and energy. Nevertheless such threats are present for most restaurants in general.Customers are also a very important external stakeholder whose feedback is appreciated. Attracting customers is a goal for all businesses but for BJs as their BJs Gold Standard of Operational Excellence states it is, their genuine commitment is to take pride in passionately connecting with each guest, on every visit, through flawless and relentless execution of every detail during every shift to create and keep fanatical fans of BJs concept and brand. The company does not only want to attract customers but keep them so they become fans of dining experience at BJs. Given that customers and sales are powerfully correlated, the objective of the industry is to maintain both. The loss of consumers means a loss in sales as well therefore customers are affected and can affect BJs success.Organizational Resource AnalysisBJs has always had a desire to provide extraordinary value for their guests. They strive on providing excellent food with great customer service. They not only strive to live up to the expectations of their guests but they work hard to provide a high energy, fun loving, child friendly environment.They also try and support their communities with full commitment so everyone involved understands that BJs is different from other restaurants and is concerned for their stakeholders. As BJs exposition states that to be the very definition of WOW for the casual dining experience but BJs also strives to WOW not only with their dining experience but also with their customer service and quality of food.Their promise is to be the best and never to compromise They take immens e pride in what they do. They take pride in passionately connecting with every guest so they understand what the customer actually wants so they can provide them with the utmost care and attention.We are excited to introduce additional menu creations that are big on flavor and small on price, and that deliver the high quality and good value that our guests have come to expect from BJs, give tongue to Matt Hood, BJs Chief Marketing Officer. By expanding our popular lunch specials, we are giving our guests the opportunity to try something new at a good value. Our new Snacks and Small Bites menu category offers outstanding value and portion sizes that are perfect as individual appetizers or as additions to a favorite entree. ( monetary situation has also been improving. According to BJs official website, Total revenues for the fourth withdraw of fiscal 2009 increased approximately 13.5% to $112.6 million compared to $99.3 million for the same quarter last yea r. Comparable restaurant sales such as The Cheesecake factory decreased by 0.2% during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 compared to a decrease of 0.7% during the same quarter last year. Net income and diluted net income per share for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 were $1.7 million and $0.06, respectively.Jerry Deitchle is the Chairman and CEO of BJs brew house. He is a CEO who is very concerned and involved with his company. His leadership and management style has led to BJs financial slaying which has been very successful.With the nature of todays economy and its continuing pressure on consumer spending for restaurant occasions BJs reported profits for the financial year of 2009 and this is largely because of Jerry Deitchles performance as CEO. BJs popularity is a solid testament to how strong their performance has been over the years. Casual dining customers are preferring BJs style over competitors such as the Cheesecake factory and Chillis.Another reason for BJs success is the ease of approachability and the ability to consistently and correctly execute the routine within the four walls of the restaurant. That includes front of the house, back of the house, chefs, servers, cooks, bus boys, managers, etc.This is a statement the CEO made at a recent press conference where he talks about the impact of the economy on consumer spending for 2010. While we do not expect consumer spending for restaurant occasions to significantly recover during 2010, we remain confident in BJs ability to gain market share in the estimated $80 billion casual dining segment, said Deitchle.Our 2010 new restaurant development pipeline is in excellent shape as of today, and we are already working on potential locations for 2011 openings. Additionally, we will continue to make prudent investments in the core of the BJs concept to further strengthen its competitive advantages of quality, differentiation and value for the casual dining consumer.( company has been advancing since it has started. BJs has excelled in customer service and in quality of food. BJs strengths has been its phenomenal attention to customers needs while at the same time providing them with great tasting food and a huge variety of self brewed beers. The variety of beers has definitely been BJs great strength over the years as competitors such as The Cheesecake Factory only have company brews. They also have great happy hour deals which other restaurants do not.BJs helplessness is hard to define as they dont have many. They have been very successful as they have grasped on to the essential elements of great food along with great customer service. The only weakness they probably have is that there menu is not as extensive as compared to the cheesecake factory. They have a very good continental cuisine but they lack variety of ethnic foods. But they are working on that. It is also hard to spot a weakness for this institution as they have doubled profits and plan on i nvesting more into the company.Future Strategic DirectionThe future strategic plan of BJs Restaurant Group is to expand globally, and ultimately sell their beers to public from grocery, liquor, or beverage Distribution Companys instead of only offering them in restaurant.Internal Analysis BJs has the resources to produce beer that so many people enjoy while dining at BJs Restaurants Brewhouse. Diversifying their business to provide a line of beer sold in stores is a great opportunity for the company. The company already operates several microbreweries, which produce and distribute BJs hard crafted beers within the chain, so promoting it to other distributors and stores would be the next step for them to branch out. Some of their first place award winning beers include, BJs Brewhouse Blonde , A light and refreshing pale beer in the style of a German Kolsch. Slightly malty with delicate hopping to balance. Bottom-fermented and well-conditioned for exceptional smoothness. and ingather ing Hefeweizen, Not just another wheat beer it is fermented with authentic Bavarian weizen yeast to produce its unique flavor profile fruity, spicy, and refreshing. These beers would make great candidates for distribution, resulting in great revenue for the company and job enlargement for current and future employees. Since it would be a big expense for other restaurants to make and sell their own beer if they dont already do it gives BJs a sustainable competitive advantage. Competition would most likely arise from current beer companies whose brands have been sold in stores for year and are wide known by consumers.External AnalysisDistributing BJs beer and Expanding BJs globally would also greatly increase sales and brand recognition. Some of the benefits in choosing to expand globally can be the extra resources available for the companys operation, cheaper labor, and the economies of scale access to more customers and markets. However it may also tempt BJs to import beer to the United States instead of making it there since resources and labor would be a lot cheaper in other countries. Exploiting other countries resources might be viewed as unethical by consumers and investors, leading to decrease in consumer loyalty. BJs needs to be careful in not taking away the quality it currently provides to its own country by commoditizing their brand.Besides the threats of expanding an advantage BJs has is the new trend for microbrewery beer. Microbreweries are limited to small batches of hand-crafted beer resulting in enhanced taste. Due to this trend people are willing to pay more for better beer such as New Belgium beer brands. Some examples of the most popular microbrewery and future competitors in the U.S. for BJs include Anchor brewing Company (San Francisco, CA), Full Sail create from raw stuff Company (Hood River, OR), Real Ale Brewing Company (Texas), and Stone Brewing Company(San Diego, CA). Focusing in external distribution as mention before is a great o pportunity for BJs to expand into a different segment. It would allow for BJs name to expand nationally using the distribution as a marketing tool for their restaurants.Along with their microbrewery BJs has been extremely successful in California. There style and service has attracted thousands and has led to massive profits and numerous advantages for the stakeholders. BJs should be very smart about their future direction and should pounce on any opportunity and they should make sure that all the rules and regulations are implemented.BJs should focus on embarking in the foreign market for the future. Their direction should be to crack the tough European Market as American beer is very popular in Europe and BJs can really pounce on the idea of opening an American Brew House in Europe.Apart from the beers, BJs can also attract a lot of European customers with its cuisine. They can introduce every entre as a dish from a different region of the United States. BJs should also look to f ocus on making their menu more extensive as it is important to have variety of food, especially if you want to attract customers in such a culturally diverse place as Europe.BJs goal should not change, but their vision should be broadened onto a bigger scale as they should try and implement their success story in some other part of the world and should take advantage of a growing hospitality market around the world. It does not necessarily have to be in Europe but places like Malaysia and Thailand have a booming tourism economy and these places could be an ideal place for BJs to jump start their international career.Overall, BJs future strategic direction should be directed towards the world They should focus on bringing the elements of classic and delicious American dining along with great customer service to different parts of the world where this style would be appreciated. A lot of brands have expanded into the global market as BJs should do the same as they have been very succe ssful in the way they have implemented their strategies.

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