Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Considering meeting the needs of children of different year groups Essay

Considering meeting the involve of children of different year groups within the discipline policy - shew ExampleThis included sanctions, praise and clarification of the rules within each classroom. The findings showed the key elements of the discipline policy were constant through the school. However, variances were in evidence when it came to reward systems and sanctions and the functioning of them. This led the author to think that maybe the whole school policy within a school may require an element of consideration towards the needs of children in different year groups.This study compares whole schools rewards and sanctions policy relative to student behaviour, the implementation of these policies and how they meet the needs of the children in specific year groups. This comparative degree study is justified from personal experiences working as a teaching assistant in several schools. There always appeared to be similar systems in place where children would earn some semblance o f reward points and then choose a reward from the gift box at the end of the school twenty-four hour period or week. Having moved within school year groups it became apparent that were variations on reasons, how many and why reward points were given to the children. From the perspective of national objectives on schools study environment, it is desirable that classrooms are conducive to optimal schooling and teaching techniques. Both rewards and sanctions system are outstanding parts of creating a classroom conducive to reading and teaching at optimal levels. Researchers have consistently argued that a rewards system engages students and thus enhances learning (McLean 2001). It has also been a major national concern that approaches to learning and teaching techniques are consistent across the school, so that all students reach their full potential. In this regard, a systematic approach to rewards and sanctions system is therefore important so that all students are receiving the same message relative to outcomes

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